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,:,- Lil J -;:;
...hate me or love me.
What's up guys.. I'm gonna start posting at LJ again. :( Add me at my new user name.. sandycohen
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Who has seen JC in concert?

I'm going tonight but I wanna know what time JC goes on.. I'm not really a huge fan of Tony.

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I think about to break down and cry! How cute were they? Damn. I wish they were still together. JUSTIN AND BRITNEY!

You can tell they are SO in love in those pictures. The picture of Justin kissing Britneys forehead.. Oh my lord. SO adorable!!

*runs off to be nostalgic over B/J*


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Did a Friend Clean Up. Check your user info, if you aren't a friend of mine, sorry! I just can't have people on my list who barely read my journal, or I barely read yousr. Much love, kids! <3
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First entry? Yesum. Add if you wanna be a friend.
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