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...hate me or love me.

22 April
- I own Chad Michael Murrays pelvis @claim_a_pelvis
- I own Build My World and If I'm Not The One at nsync_songclaim
- I claimed Chad Michael Murray and Tyson Ritter @ _claimanything
- The song "Why Worry?" by AAR is MINE @ claimasong
- I claimed the movie Plain Clothes and the character of Bender from The Breakfast Club @ claim_the_80s
- I own Chad Michael Murrays fuckstick @ claimafuckstick

People I love:
all american rejects, chad michael murray, colin farrell, conan o'brien, dane cook, denis leary, good charlotte, jamie oliver, jc chasez, lindsay lohan, new found glory, nsync, pharrell, sublime, the doors, tracey chapman, tyson ritter, sean hayes, jack and meg white, orlando bloom, johnny depp, the fab 5.

Things I love:
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, food network, boston, csi, dancing, dvds, eating, friends, graphics, law and order, movies, music, piercings, purses, rent, shoes, shopping, showers,sunglasses, sweatpants, talking on phones, tv, will&grace